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Major Market Opportunity for OLEDs in Flat Panel Displays

OLEDs are considered to be today’s “ultimate” flat panel display technology because of their:

  • Potential for flexible displays: curved surfaces and non-breakable.
  • Thinnest displays.
  • Brilliant black levels: can produce absolute black without blooming.
  • Excellent contrast ratio: better picture quality.
  • Improved viewing angles with excellent off-axis picture quality.
  • Potentially low energy consumption.

OLEDs have the potential for use in specialist and designer lighting applications. In comparison to fluorescent or LED lighting OLEDs:

  • Have higher colour rendering index (CRI).
  • Generate more pleasing smooth and diffuse white light with better colour rendition.
  • Enable “design colour” on demand.
  • Provide new design opportunities for architects.

Lomox® offer a complete solution processable OLED material set.


  • Cross-linkable & photo-patternable red, green and blue emissive materials.
  • Cross-linkable & photo-patternable host materials.
  • Cross-linkable & photo-patternable hole-transport materials.

Lomox® OLED materials:

Solution processable materials

  • Simple device fabrication.
  • Enables deposition on large size substrates.
  • Compatible with a large variety of deposition techniques.
  • Cheaper device fabrication.

Printed multilayer devices

  • Cross-linkable materials enable printable multilayer devices.

Photo-patternable materials

  • UV light can be used to crosslink the materials and give the desired pixel size and shape.
  • Printable pixel sizes sub 10 µm to enable production of ultra-high resolution small and micro-displays.

Colour and functionality tuneable molecular design

  • Lomox cross-linking technology can be aliped to red, green and blue emissive materials, host materials, and charge transporting materials such as hole-transport materials.

Polarized emission

  • Light emitted from the OLED vibrates in a single plane, without the use of polarizers. Increases the brightness of the OLED compared to one with polarizers.

Lomox® OLED materials are compatible with all common solution processing techniques, such as:

slot-die, spin-coating and ink-jet printing techniques.


LOMOX® OLED Materials

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